Today, exhibition designs and decorations have become one of the most important steps when establishing and creating an exhibition, which definitely needs decor companies or an interior decorator who specializes in exhibition designs and designs and has sufficient experience in exhibition design and awareness, also by providing the product in a manner that catches the attention of all customers, with different tastes that change for sure From one person to another, and this is what makes it difficult to provide designs and decorations that attract everyone’s attention, so the designs and decorations of trade fairs are not just coordinating the elements of decoration and their consistency in a distinctive way, but they are a reading of the level and value of goods inside the exhibition, and this is considered an important communication language with customers for Promotion of the exhibition, the engineering and art of designing trade fairs, especially exhibition decorations, and the ways in which they affect customers are not an easy thing, but rather something that needs creativity and providing all that is new from the interior design ideas capable of marketing through attractive designs and decorations.

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