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Decoration in administrative offices is one of the most important factors that affect a large impact on workers and their mental health in the place, and consequently also affects work productivity and completion, as the design of administrative offices is one of the most decorative designs that need a special design commensurate with the field and nature of the work and helps to raise Its efficiency and the success of the institution, and this may definitely need some advice and guidance before starting the designs and decorations for administrative offices, such as paying attention to the office space and places to practice work and the seating of employees, with coordination of all elements of decoration and the use of colors and appropriate wood paints with floors and the use of accessories appropriate to the nature of the work, and also Using the appropriate lighting for the place and the wall colors, all of this with a full visualization of a specific pattern for designs and decorations, and also setting a visualization of the places of furniture and accessories so that the design becomes integrated with the elements and in harmony with all its elements.

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