About us

Art vision is a full service interior design company located in Kuwait since 2008, specializing in both residential and commercial design. In over 10 years, we have designed numerous projects for clients, and we believe in long term relationships between the company and the client, hence why the clients continuously work again with us.Art vision has played a leader’s role to deliver Creative design solutions for clinics, offices, restaurants, cafes, villas, showrooms, stores and auditoriums, and the effort to explore new entities still continues. Art Vision design creative solutions, feasibility and reliable engineering. It's a unique ability to seamlessly link art and engineering to make its designs visually stunning and technically sound. Motivated work force, proven technology and fresh ideas enable us to do that every time for every client.   .

Our Commitment

We are committed to delivering inspired designs that fulfill client expectations through collaboration and exceptional service. Commitment to quality, time respect, attention to details and the highest standards of finishes and competitive pricing. .

What we do ?

We understand that the best design is made out of a completely integrated approach from conception to completion. We have a strong creative team, in which Interior Designers, Artists and Engineers that work alongside Architects from the beginning of the process till handing the project .


The quality of our surroundings has direct influence on the quality of our lives, whether at home or in the workplace, design has impact on everything we do since design wise is related to realistic wise. .


We come up with some awesome ideas, the engineering department help bring those to life. We provide technical drawings, tender documents as in material details , furniture, lighting and MEP drawings. The other half of the team supervises the project during construction, making sure that the quality and vision are met. .

Interior Design

We believe that creativity must be functional. Our interior designs build experiences within commercial and residential projects. Through rigorous research and planning, we integrate ideas that are contemporary and practical. .

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